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First Delivery Service, Inc. is member of Messenger Courier Association of America (MCAA)
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All of First Delivery Service, Inc. drivers are certified by Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP)
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About Us

First Delivery has been providing dependable service for over 30 years in Arizona. Now, we provide the same level of service excellence in the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle, Washington. Our success depends on the strength of our qualified team and their commitment to good customer service. Our corporate headquarters are in Tempe, Arizona 2 miles from the Sky Harbor International Airport. We specialize in next-flight-out deliveries and communication so you don't have to worry about the status of a delivery. We customize to our customers needs.

Dedicated Dispatchers and Highly Trained Drivers

Our experienced dispatchers are trained to handle your specific instructions. Whether your package requires an airport courier or a local delivery, each customer is served with exactly what they need. Live dispatchers answer the phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our drivers understand how to take care of you and deliver professional service. Our long-term, stable workforce will give you peace of mind about package handling. All our drivers are CCSP and TSA certified.

Reliable, personalized service is our specialty. Our customers always know they can count on us.


David Sellers began in 1977 as a driver then dispatcher and supervisor for Network Courier. There he learned all about next-flight-out service to customers with time-sensitive needs. In 1980 David moved to Arizona and became the Arizona agent for Network and other Courier companies. His business began to grow and First Delivery Service was incorporated in Phoenix, Arizona in 1993.

First Delivery expanded to provide warehouse, courier, delivery services and logistics services and in 2009, moved to their current offices and warehouse space in Tempe, Arizona.

David Sellers, President

 With 30 years of experience, David learned this business hands-on. From driving, to dispatching, to special handling, David understands every dimension of on-demand service from the ground to the air.

Born and raised in Virginia, David joined a national courier company in Los Angeles, California in the 1970’s. From driver to dispatcher to customer service representative, David learned all aspects of the courier industry. He moved to Arizona in 1980 and launched his own company serving the entire state with offices in Phoenix and Tucson. After incorporating as First Delivery Service in 1993, the company grew, providing local service in addition to agent services to national courier companies.

In 2003 First Delivery leased warehouse space and began offering logistics services. In 2009 the company continued its growth with service operations in San Francisco.

David believes that knowing his customer’s needs and continuous communication about each delivery builds and sustains valued long-term business relationships. His personal commitment to excellence is evident throughout the company - from the latest technology to quality training and process control. Some of David’s customers have been with him in Arizona since 1980. His reputation in this industry is one of unbeatable reliability and superior customer service.

Rick Nyhan, Operations Supervisor

 Rick joined First Delivery in 2009 and rose through each of the key positions in the company to the position of Operations Supervisor. In addition to years of dispatching, Rick has served First Delivery by redesigning the warehouse system and working on the expansion of services into Seattle and San Jose. Rick also designed our quality control process and continues to create new training programs to improve customer service.

Rick's background includes education and training in the emergency medical field. He worked for some years as a Patient Care Technician before becoming a Paramedic. Before moving to Arizona, Rick spent most of his free time as a volunteer Firefighter. Perhaps this work prepared him for the urgency and intensity at First Delivery Service; where every minute counts to our customers.

Rick is from Rochester, New York and visits there occasionally to see family and friends. His vacation to Hawaii, however, convinced him that the beach might be more relaxing than the snow. Being from Western NY, he is a pretty big Buffalo Bills fan.