Lady Gaga Goes On Thanks To First Delivery
21 Jun

Lady Gaga Goes On Thanks To First Delivery

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When you think of a contemporary entertainer with outrageous fashions, Lady Gaga comes immediately to mind. With over eight million albums sold, her wildly entertaining concerts are packed. So when her costume needed to make it to a concert that very evening, First Delivery was asked to make it happen.

Lady Gaga’s costumes are so provocative and garner so much attention that she has changed pop culture and celebrity fashion. When she walks down a red carpet, you take a second look before you ask yourself, “What is she wearing?” Each Gaga costume is a true work of art, and Entertainment Weekly put her outfits on its end-of-the-decade, “best-of” list.

We may never know exactly which Gaga costume we delivered; but we want you to know that First Delivery goes to outrageous lengths to ensure that your show will go on in style.

To see a list of Lady Gaga’s top ten wildest fashions, go to Lady Gaga Fashion.

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